Kagianagami Lake Lodge on "Kag Lake"

The lodge has 5 guest cabins, which means when you come to the Lodge your group will be in one cabin together. Depending on your group size the cabins are designed for 6-12 people.

Each cabin contains one bathroom with flush toilets, hot and cold running water and shower. The system at the lodge is run by generators, so you can charge small items like cameras, and if needed CPAP machines. Cabins are equipped with all items you would need to cook, including pots, pans, BBQs, plates/bowls and cutlery as well as cooking utensils. If you would like to borrow a fish fryer, just ask the Lodge Manager, you must bring your own oil as this is not provided.

Bedding is provided in each guest cabin, however you must bring your own bathing towel/face cloths and dish towels.

If you are an American Plan guest or Modified American Plan guest, all meals that are provided in your plan are served out of the main lodge, with the exception of lunch meals (AP guests) which are bagged for your fishing convenience!

Kagianagami Lake or "Kag" lake, is a large oligotrophic lake meaning it is relatively low in plant nutrients, and the deeper parts contain an abundance of oxygen. Itís surface area of 20,000 acres and a maximum depth of 158 feet. Kag offers great opportunities for Walleye, Pike and Lake Trout, Brook Trout can be found down the Opichuan River.

Try any of the many island points and reefs along the western shore for Walleye; a 3/8 OZ jig- head paired with your favourite plastic is a great way to target these species.

Searching for that Giant Pike? Big spoons and spinner baits are proven producers along the east shore and down into the South Bay.

Bring your trolling spoons and borrow one of our down-riggers for the chance to go toe to toe with 20 lb+ Lake Trout. One of the many deep ditches along the western arm or Chicago bay may hold the foe you are after.

A hike down the Opichuan River is a beautiful way to spend the afternoon. Large Brook Trout can be fooled with a small spinner or jig head . This adventure is not for the faint of heart, the river bank can be hazardous with uneven ground and thick bush, proper footwear is required.

Caution must be practiced while boating across Kag. While most hazards are marked by buoys, extra caution should be taken around the south and west side of Dory Island, and in Humble Bay as these are shallow areas with rocky outcrops.

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