Fly-in Lake Trout Fishing North of Nakina, Ontario

Kagianagami is our only lake with Lake Trout. It's one of the top fishing destinations in Ontario and maybe all of Canada for a combination of good numbers and great sizes. It's also where our lodge is located. If you love fishing for Lakers then we welcome you to take advantage of this great opportunity to experience pure enjoyment.

There is nothing more exciting than reeling in a huge leviathan from the depths. Your mind and body is filled with anticipation as this might be your largest fish ever. Trout are available in all sizes from 1/2 pounders to huge 35+ pound lunkers. Kagianagami is a big lake and can produce even bigger fish.

It's difficult to describe numbers because there are so many factors involved. Experience fishing for Lake Trout, fishing method, knowing the lake and understanding what weather conditions are best for targeting trout; are all keys to your success. If you target Lakers then catching 5 to 10 trout in a day is good. There are always those days when they are not biting and hard to catch or the days they feeding like crazy and you can catch many more. There tends to be more trout caught in the spring because the trout are shallow and guests catch them while Walleye fishing. Just imagine how fun it would be to cast a jig in the water expecting a Walleye to bite and you hook into a 20-pound monster Lake Trout.

Just after ice-out the trout are just under the surface and venturing into shallow areas to hunt for food. As the spring progresses they slowly go deeper. In the summer the majority of actively feeding trout will be just above the thermocline, which in Kag Lake is around 55 feet deep. There will be lots of trout deeper but generally there is less oxygen below the thermocline and the trout become lethargic.

Getting Deep:
By mid spring the Lake Trout can be anywhere from 20 to 35 feet deep. You can access these fish using deep-running lures such as Down Deep Husky Jerks, Cotton Cordell Big 'Os or deep diving Rattlebaits and Buzz Bombs. As the season heads into summer the trout are much deeper. There are many methods to get deep; it's a matter of which method you enjoy using. Guests use lead-core line, Dipsy Divers, Baitwalkers, 3-way swivel rigs and downriggers. All can be effective.

Lures & Colors:
Lake Trout will hit a variety of colors. If using spoons, dark blue & silver, dark green & silver, bubblegum pink and silver, fire-tiger, plain silver, gold or a mix of silver and gold works well. That does not mean you should not try other color combinations.

The trout will also hit stick baits but to prevent snags it's best to use floating or count-down lures that will not sink below your weight. Try to stick with lures that have gleaming finishes as they are more visible. If it's a bright sunny day with no wind then there will be a lot more light penetration through the water so you can try other colors. There are a lot of monster Northern Pike down deep feeding on trout. Pike tend to hit red, orange and yellow so using these colors might mean losing your lure unless you use a steel leader. However, using a steel leader may compromise your success at Lakers.

Please remember that Lake Trout have a very low tolerance to warm water so if you catch one in the summer it needs to be let go as soon as possible to survive. Always bring Lake Trout up slowly to surface when fishing in deep water to avoid any lethal injuries to these magnificent fish!