Harrogate Lake Fly-in Outpost Camp

Harrogate Lake cabin is a 2 bedroom cabin, only cabin on the lake, sleeping 8 guests with hot and cold running water, shower, solar lighting and wired for the use of a generator. All outposts are fully equipped with pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, utensils, stove-top coffee makers and wood burning stoves for heat.

Harrogate Lake sits on the widening of the Ogoki River system, downstream from Kayedon Lake, as such there are many areas to explore for both walleye and northern pike.

Harrogate has a canoe, for those wanting to be a little more exploratory, where boats cannot make it through. When water levels are low, you must take caution for rocks that could cause issues.

If you are not an experienced river fisher, Harrogate is probably not the best choice for you. When navigating a river system, one must know how to read the water and be cautious about water levels and the ability to traverse the system with the ability to also make sure you can make your way back to camp.

Our detailed map, located at our base, from the one and only Mr. Danny Gapen will provide you will all the "hot spots" for walleye and pike.

Overall, Harrogate lake is one that will produce numerous walleye and pike, however a little more experienced fisherman and those who like to explore is who is best suited for the adventure here. Walleyes can tip the scales over 30" and Pike sitting in the 40+" range.

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