Kellow Lake Fly-in Outpost Camp

The only cabin on the lake, Kellow lake has the Cat Tail River coming in from the west end and has the Opichiwan River system from the South, which means you are going to slaughter the walleye, pike, and have the ability to go for brook trout. However, gaining access to the brook trout will take a lot of work, as an ice storm that went through really did a number on the trail there. If a little adventure is what you seek, you will have a blast once you are fighting the brook trout.

Kellow is a 2 bedroom cabin, sleeping 8, hot and cold running water and shower, solar lighting and wired for the use of a generator if needed. All outposts are fully equipped with pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, utensils, stove-top coffee makers and wood burning stoves for heat.

Kellow has an average depth of 20 feet, with many pools in the 40-60 foot depth range. Kellow's hard bottom structure still provides for an array of large northern pike and walleye are abundant.

As with any river system, the Opichiwan is a mighty river with many obstacles when water levels are lower, so keeping an eye out for those nasty rock sharks is a must. Whether you are trolling for pike or walleye, there is a lot of shoreline that will feed your tight lines all day long.

Average size walleye are 20" with many up to 25". Northern Pike are common in the 40" range.

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