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Where is Nakina?

God's Country! Nakina is located in Northern Ontario, accessible by automobile, train or chartered airplane.

Visit our contact page for detailed directions

Nakina on Google Maps

What is the weight limit per person and potential overweight fees?

Baggage weight limit is 130 pounds per person, which includes all food and beverages. Overweight charges of $0.50 per pound will apply and be strictly enforced.

Should your weight be excessive and a Cessna required, full Cessna charter rates will apply at current rates.

How should I pack for my trip?

Boxes, suitcases, coolers or duffel bags are all great ways to pack, keep in mind they must be kept to a manageable size and NOT TO EXCEED 50 Pounds per cooler/bag/bin.

One piece rods are allowed, however it is much safer to bring rods that can be broken down to avoid any damages.

Where do we get fishing licenses from?

Fishing licenses should be purchased online and printed out for you to have on you during your vacation, there are physical sites you can attend to purchase these if you prefer and all information can be found below:

Resident License

Non-Resident License

What amenities are available in Nakina?

Pennocks Tourist Service in Nakina has a motel for overnighters. They also have a small convenience store for last minute snacks.

Nakina does not have any of these amenities at this time. The last stop for groceries is in Geraldton at No Frills or Daneffs.

Nakina has a full service liquor/beer store in town, however hours of operation vary. If you are arriving late we can assist in picking up your refreshments for you ahead of time, just let us know!

What kind of boats and motors are used and are boat seats provided?

We run 14 foot aluminum boats with 9.9 HP motors at the outpost locations.

Kagianagami Lodge runs 14 or 16 foot aluminum boats with 15 HP motors.

Boat seats are not supplied at outpost camps, however they are provided up at the Lodge on Kagianagami

Can you use bait and where do you purchase this?

Live bait can be used, however it needs to meet the requirements of the Ontario Fishing Regulations, link to regulations found here:

Zone 2 Fishing Regulations

We do have minnows for sale at our base in Nakina, however we do suggest pre-ordering to make sure the supplier has enough available.

Worms can be purchased in Nakina, Geraldton and Longlac.

What is a check flight?

We drop in mid week to re-supply the propane and motor gas as well as cut the grass and do any minor repairs as needed

What currency are your rates in? What methods of pay are available? Do we need a deposit?

Rates are in Canadian Currency.

DEPOSITS are $300 per person. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits can be completed via personal cheque and e-transfers (Canadian guest) deposits made by credit card are subject to an additional 5% fee. All payments made by EFT and VISA/MASTERCARD must be completed one week prior to departure.


For the balance owing we will accept:

Canadian Residents: Cash, Certified Cheques, Bank Cashier's cheques, e-transfers, credit cards with a 5% service fee.

Non-Residents: Cash, Certified Cheques, Bank Cashier's cheques, credit cards with a 5% service fee.

We highly recommend getting your American dollars exchanged for Canadian dollars at your local bank to get the best interest rate possible. Rates are subject to change should there be a drastic increase in costs beyond our control, taxes are extra, per person surcharges apply for parties less than four.

FLIGHT TIMES: When will I fly out to my destination?

Upon booking, a flight time is provided, however we ask you to please confirm the flight time one week prior to your trip and arrive at the office on time. Requests for flight time changes will result in an extra charter fee.

We reserve the right to change dates, departure or return times due to conditions beyond our control.

Do you provide lifejackets?

No, you must bring your own approved lifejacket (PDF).

Floating seat cushions do not qualify.

Is ice available?

Cubed ice is available at the main base in Nakina.

Is there electricity in the cabins?

No there is not, however we do have solar power for lights. There is electricity up at the Lodge, powered by generators.

Is there running water?

Each outpost has running water and a shower. The water is not potable as it is gravity fed from a holding tank. You must bring water with you or boil water from the lake.

The water at Kagianagami Lodge is safe to drink.

Is there internet/cell service?

No there is no cell service once you leave Nakina, and the only internet available is up at the Lodge.

If flying into an outpost camp; satellite communication devices such as Zoleo and Garmin InReach are two that guests have been using the most.

Is there a fridge and stove?

Yes, each outpost cabin has a full propane stove with oven and a propane refrigerator with a small freezing compartment.

Each cabin at Kagianagami Lodge has a full sized fridge/freezer.

Do you supply generators?

No we do not, but you are welcome to bring your own, keeping in mind weight limits.

On the market now are emergency light-weight mini generators for electric vehicle owners.

Do you supply bedding?

Bedding is provided at the Lodge ONLY, guests are still required to bring their own towels.

Outpost guests must bring all bedding and towels.