Percy Lake Fly-in Outpost Camp

This two bedroom log cabin at Percy Lake sleeps 8 and is equipped with hot and cold running water, shower, solar lighting and wired for generator use. All outposts are fully equipped with pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, utensils, stove-top coffee makers and wood burning stoves for heat.

Percy lake has it all, a 7 mile long by 1 mile wide lake, with the ability to catch walleye, pike, perch and brook trout, down the Little Current River which flows into and out of Percy Lake. Percy's average depth is 25 feet.

The weedy bays are the perfect structure for the large northern pike and you will also find jumbo perch in the weed beds. In the deeper structure of the lake with rocks you will find your walleye waiting for a nibble of your lure. Percy also has the Kapikotongwa River system coming in from the west which is always a great place to fish in the Spring. As summer progresses walleye tend to move from the rivers into the lake. It's not uncommon for guests to catch over 100 walleye a day.

If you are going for brook trout you need to know that much work will need to be done to navigate the river system and some walking/navigating to the areas that the boat just cannot go. In order to access trout this is 20 miles up stream trip.

Average size Walleye 20", with some being caught over 30". Average size Pike 40+" and Perch up to 12".

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