Muskrat Lake Fly-in Outpost Camp

As the only cabin on the lake, Muskrat Lake is known for its massive pike and exceptional walleye fishing, with an average depth of 20 feet, 4 miles long and 5 miles wide, and a conducive structure, it makes a perfect breeding ground for both species. The cabin is a 3 bedroom log cabin with the ability to sleep 12, hot and cold running water and shower, solar lighting and wired for generator use.

Being on the Cat Tail River one must be very careful not to get too close to the waterfall that connects Muskrat Lake to Elbow Lake. There is a spot above the falls on the west shoreline where one can park the boat and portage on foot below the falls, however boats are not to be brought to and from each lake. Much care needs to be taken when leaving the shoreline up top to avoid accidentally going over the falls.

If you are on the hunt for the magical fresh water shark, AKA Pike, you will want to focus your attention on the east side of the lake where the weedy bays are prevalent. You will find walleye just about anywhere on the lake, focusing your attention around the rocky shoreline is a no brainer. Where the Cat Tail River comes into Muskrat on the south end of the lake you will also find some amazing fishing, whether it is for walleye or pike.

This unique rocky structure lake makes for unbelievable fishing opportunities. Pike wander into the high 40"+ range and walleyes can tip the scales into the 30+ range.

On those hot days you need a little refresh, take a dip in the lake right in front of the cabin.

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