Guest's Fishing & Hunting Testimonials

I first visited Kag when I was 13 years old with my dad, It is where my love for fishing was born. 33 later I am still coming up to the Kag, with my buddies and my kids and it has become part of their DNA too.

I've spent a lot of tough days on the water back home fishing in southern Ontario. But we call our trips to the Kag our "catching trips" as it often doesn't feel like fishing. It is place where the avid fisherman and the fly by night guys can fill the boat with relative ease. Over the years I have managed to fish the lake in every month of the season and can't say which I love the most. The lake evolves and through the season from hundred's of shallow post spawn walleye in early season to still incredible numbers but fatter deep water walleye in August. The Lakers while sometimes moody, are always a great treat. If Northern's are what floats your boat, you can catch those till your arms fall off.

I've had the chance to fish all over including the North West Territories & Nunavut and can say that despite this, I always prefer the Kag more than any other place I've fished. It is as remote as you'd ever want, but with the creature comfort of home. The fish are often co-operative and the for the cost, nothing else compares.

Bryan Yetman

We've fished with Leuenberger's for over 40 years across 3 generations. The fishing has always been world class. Our two favorite lakes are Kagianagami (Kag) and Kayedon. Nothing beats the total experience at the Kag resort. We prefer to fish with light tackle. Trying to land a 50+cm (20+in) walleye with an ultralight rod will test the best of anglers, and the best part is that losing a few on the way in won't matter because you'll still catch way more than you can eat!

We also like Kayedon for the truly awesome fishing and being an outpost camp. We catch pike throughout the lake all day with spoons. When we get tired of catching pike, we anchor in the river current for walleye. Minnows make it almost too easy to catch the walleye, but it's a little tougher with just a jig and twister. To spice things up, Ogoki lake is accessible for bigger and deeper lake fishing all in the same trip.

Tyke Czekalski

Over the years I have had the privilege of fishing multiple lakes and rivers north of Nakina and the shear volume of fish and the great sizes cannot be matched anywhere else in Canada. I have had 100 Walleye days, Walleyes over 30", Northerns well over 40" and beautiful Brookies from pan fryers to trophies.

The one special memory I will always keep with me is trolling along the western shore of Kagianagami Lake for Walleye and hooking into a 17lbs. Lake Trout. I got him in the boat using 6lbs. test line on a light action rod. It was an epic battle.

Beautiful, adventurous and magical sums up all my experiences thanks to the Leuenberger Family.

Gary Skrzeczkowski

10 guys on our first fly-in Moose Hunt/Fishing Trip in 2022 did not disappoint. Not knowing what to expect, we flew into a nice little cabin with all the comforts of home (okay, not the bathroom, but you can't have it all!). We bagged a moose on the first day, and the only hiccup in fishing was having a beer - you need to take your rod out of the water to drink your pint.

We all decided to come back the following year by the end of the week. Only one of the guys couldn't get permission from his wife for 2023, but we brought a pic along of him for memories. Opening morning did not disappoint, with a bull and cow down in the first few hours, and then it was back to fishing. I almost forgot to mention, a shotgun is also a must if you want to have duck poppers and duck stir fry.

This is the trifecta: hunting Moose, Duck, and Fishing. 2024 can't come soon enough! Star factor

James Campbell

I started fishing with Leuenberger's in 1998 after my research showed that they were the best value for a once in a lifetime fly-in fishing experience. Twenty five years later I have had the pleasure of fishing at eleven of their outposts: Jemar, Samuelson, Harrogate, Jungfrau, Kayedon, Percy, Felsia, Kellow, Muskrat, Washi and Whittle. I have made multiple visits to several of the outposts as each one has its own unique characteristics but one thing has remained the same, the exceptional service provided by Leuenberger Air Service. It also quickly becomes clear why they have been in business since 1960 with such features as a well organized air base, powerful turbo Otter aircraft, camps that quickly feel like home and exceptional fishing for walleye, pike, perch and speckled trout (Brook Trout).

The Leuenberger family and staff over the years have also done everything they can to ensure each trip is a positive lasting memory. I plan to be back for many more years to come.

Darren Luckasavitch