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Creating Memories for Over 60 Years

In 1960... Ernie Leuenberger Senior's dream + a borrowed canoe + a tent became what is now called Leuenberger's Fly-In Lodge and Wilderness Outposts.

Today we own and operate 12 remote fly-in outpost camps, each on a different lake, plus a full service lodge located on Kagianagami Lake, along with an air service for those more adventurous souls who want to explore the country on their own terms.

Our cottages are accessible by air only. One of our aircraft will fly you and your party into the finest walleye and northern pike fishing in unspoiled wilderness you can only experience in Northern Ontario.

Nakina is the largest fly-in Fishing hub in Canada and the gateway to the extreme wilderness of Northwestern, Ontario. There are thousands of lakes that are just stuffed with Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout. There are many beautiful spring-fed streams and rivers that are teaming with gorgeous Brook Trout. Our De Havilland Turbo Otters give you the chance to explore these lakes and experience angling most people can only dream about. You get all this while enjoying comfortable accommodations.

Walleye Fishing Northern Pike Fishing Fishing
Lake Trout Fishing Brook Trout Fishing

Kag Lodge:
Our resort on Kagianagami Lake is a traditional Canadian fishing lodge offering American Plan, Modified American Plan and Housekeeping Plan, where you cook all your own food. Our main lodge facilitates our dining room where delicious home cooked meals are prepared by our chef and presented in the most appetizing ways. The cottages are large, fully equipped, comfortable and can accommodate large groups.

Wilderness Outpost Camps:
We have twelve remote housekeeping fly-in outpost camps on twelve different lakes. All of our outpost camps have outstanding fishing. They are fully equipped. You will experience the best fishing imaginable and enjoy complete privacy where all you do is enjoy the beautiful wilderness scenery and breathe in that super clean northern air.

Fly-in Lodge Fly-in Outpost Camps

Walleye Fishing:
Whether you are looking for high numbers of Walleyes or big ones; you have found it! Many guests report catching 50 to 100 walleyes per day. Some guests get off the plane at the airbase gleaming with satisfaction because they caught the biggest Walleye in their life.

Northern Pike:
Both Kagianagami Lake and our outpost lakes have monster-size Northern Pike. If you specifically target them you have an excellent chance at getting a trophy in the 40" to 48" range. Many of the big gators get caught while fishing for other species. You just never know what surprises are in store when fishing the lakes north of Nakina.

Lake Trout:
Lake Trout are the kings of the deep and can reach great sizes with trout up to 20 pounds being common. It does not stop there. Kag Lake is a big lake and produces big fish. Lake Trout in the 25lbs. to 35lbs. do get caught from time to time. We are sure there are bigger fish down there that exceed 35lbs. While fishing for these lunkers you can't expect high numbers like you get with Walleye and Northerns but it is your chance to catch a really big fish.

Brook Trout:
We have four outpost camps that offer world class Brook Trout fishing with Ogoki River, Kapikotongua River, Little Current River, Opichuan River, Cat Tail River and the Albany River being the water systems you can explore. If staying at Kag Lake Lodge you have access to the Opichuan River where the trout are accessible in the spring. Brook Trout are available in good numbers. Trout up to the 4lbs. range are common. In these rivers, especially the Albany River, targeting Brookies should produce multiple fish over 5lbs. and on occasion gigantic trout up to 8lbs., but they are rare. We ask that you practice catch-and-release as Brook Trout are a fragile resource that we do not want compromised.

Moose Hunting:
The wilderness region north of Nakina is famous for its unusually high population of Moose that no other region in Ontario can match. Our hunts take place in WMU #17, WMU #18A and WMU #18b. Bull Moose in the region average around 900lbs. but massive bulls with gigantic racks up to 1300lbs. have been harvested.

Darren Luckasavitch's Fishing Testimonial

I started fishing with Leuenberger's in 1998 after my research showed that they were the best value for a once in a lifetime fly-in fishing experience. Twenty five years later I have had the pleasure of fishing at eleven of their outposts: Jemar, Samuelson, Harrogate, Jungfrau, Kayedon, Percy, Felsia, Kellow, Muskrat, Washi and Whittle.

I have made multiple visits to several of the outposts as each one has its own unique characteristics but one thing has remained the same, the exceptional service provided by Leuenberger Air Service. It also quickly becomes clear why they have been in business since 1960 with such features as a well organized air base, powerful turbo Otter aircraft, camps that quickly feel like home and exceptional fishing for walleye, pike, perch and speckled trout (Brook Trout).

The Leuenberger family and staff over the years have also done everything they can to ensure each trip is a positive lasting memory. I plan to be back for many more years to come.

Darren Luckasavitch

Please explore our website and contact us if you have any questions.

Best Regards
The Leuenberger Family