All Guests must supply their own PDF's (personal floatation device\life jacket).

URGENT -The Ministry of Natural Resources has come out with a computerized method of issuing licences. Living in the North we experience many power outages and if this happens we will not beable to issue a licence. So we encourage you to purchase your licence while travelling making sure that it is dated for your stay. If you have your Outdoors Card you can do this online at ontario.ca/fishing or at ontario.ca/outdoorscard again make sure that the licence is valid for your stay.
For those who have access to private wheeled aircraft, Nakina has a 3,500 foot paved airstrip on an East/West approach, with runway directions being 09/27. The airport is only 3 miles from our seaplane base, from where we will make arrangements to have you picked up. Our base is located in Nakina, Ontario approximately 4 hours north of Thunder Bay, Ontario and 8 hours northwest of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

Waiver and Indemnity Policy of Leuenberger Air Service Ltd. ("Leuenberger")

We at Leuenberger do our best to please and accommodate every need of our guests. However there are certain situations and hazards that we have no control of i.e: late arrivals of incoming guests, poor weather conditions etc. For these or any other event beyond our direct control, we accept no responsibility or liability.
By agreeing to do business with us, You agree to waive any claim against Leuenberger for loss or damage arising out of any such event. We will also not be held responsible for any lost, forgotten or damaged items.