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Welcolme to Leuenbergers.

Of the 14 fly-in Outpost locations we have, we choose only those that have a high density of moose population, to serve as our hunt camps. Guides are available for $200.00 per day. Our guests have enjoyed successful moose hunts for many years in our area, with most hunters coming back on an annual basis. Even those hunters who were not successful in taking a moose out, were still thrilled at the opportunity of seeing one or several moose during their stay at one of our camps. The moose hunt in our area usually opens the third Saturday in September for Ontario residents and the third Monday for non residents. Since we are allotted only a certain number of Bull and Cow tags for non-resident use, it is advisable for you to call us as soon as possible in order to reserve a tag, and camp location of your choice. Please email or call us Toll Free for this information if you are interested in booking a moose hunt with us. Hunting package for 7 night stay includes: For U.S. Residents: return flight from Nakina to camp boats/motors and gas for your entire stay fully equipped cabin, moose tag (based on availability we will try to supply the gender of your choice), mid week check trip (and landing with extra supplies), fly out and cold storage of your moose (we have walk in cooler and freezer) You must supply: food for yourselves and guide (if you choose to hire one) sleeping bag and pillow, all hunting gear, including: meat saw, cheese cloth to wrap moose quarters in, rope with which to hang quarters, a come-a-long (if desired) small first aid kit warm clothing approved floatation vest to be worn while in boat.
Ontario Residents: Your package consists of everything above, except your moose tag. This you must apply for yourself in WMU #17, where the acceptance rate is very high if applying as "party hunting" i.e., 2 people per tag. Please call us for rate and availability of camp location.
Deposit required within 2 weeks of booking - $500.00 Per Person
Taxes are not included in any package.
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