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General Information
Leuenberger's Felsia Lake Wilderness Outpost
Nakina, Ontario   Phone 1-888-246-6533  1-807-329-5940  Fax 1-807-329-5267
Felsia lake offers both walleye and northern fishing.

The cabin at Felsia is equipped with hot and cold running water, plus showers and can accommodate from 8 to 12 guests.

Parties with less than a minimum of four people will have a per person surcharge.

Family Rates beginning July 1st please inquire.

The wilderness settings many times offer our guests sightings of moose, beaver and other wild creatures, so be sure to bring your camera!

Felsia -2018 rates
7 Nights            4 Nights            3 Nights

These rates are in CANADIAN DOLLARS
PER PERSON rates subject to change.

$1255.00         $1065.00         $1000.00
in the event of cancellation for any reason
To all party leaders, it is important for you to collect each of your member's deposit. -deposit required within 2 weeks of booking- $300.00 Per Person
After the 15th of April we will accept parties with as few as only 2 or 3 people,
however an extra charge of $200 per person will apply to parties of
less than 4 people

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