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September 20, 2015 - 07:25 PM
Allan Elliott

What can I say other than " I will be back". It is not just about the fishing as I have said many years past. Wayne and Barbara and Tessa, Brendan made all the trip more enjoyable. Derrick and Dale well that's a given.
Always the same, can't do enough for you. So how many fish can you catch? Does it really matter? The KAG is not just a fishing lake. It is a memory lake. I have caught more fish than most fisherman catch in a lifetime at The KAG . It is more than a fishing lake.

So I look forward to our Fly in next year at the KAG. Making more memories with my best friend
and to the different stories I can tell. I can catch more fish in a week at the KAG than most people catch in a life time. But the most wonderful thing
is that I have the trips in my memory. A sincere thanks to you Malcolm.

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