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September 19, 2015 - 09:00 PM
Al Denio

Re: Kag Lake: wanted to belatedly thank Derrick and Dale for another 10 days of great fishing on Kag. Bad weather shut down fishing for first 2 days, but nice weather turned things around and had furious final 8 days. The 2 of us caught 15 pike over 40 inches (we keep tallies). Consistent numbers of pike over 30 inches. Did a day on the river and caught brook trout in pristine waters. It is quite amazing to pull up to a hole and pull out 100 walleye in s several hours and not even have to move around. Largest 24 inches. the sheer volume of fish however is extraordinary and one gets tired of pulling in fish. Sounds like another fish story i know. I will not say what time of year we visit as I do not want competition for cabin space. The service is spectacular. Derrick and Dale are top shelf lodge managers. My highest recommendation which is unsolicited.

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