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June 03, 2012 - 06:16 PM
Allan Elliott

It was another great trip at the Kag. It was really rough. Every morning Stacy or Erin would bring a pot of coffee to the cabin. It was tough having Eric come by every morning picking up our trash and bringing dry firewood. I felt bad (as I looked out the cabin window while the snow was falling) as Dale would bail out the boats, gas up the motors, prepare the boats for a day of fishing. It was rough on us as we ate venison tenderloin, lake trout and walleye for breakfast. Derick would come by and ask us (Is everything okay do you need anything?).. Oh yes and after fishing we had to suffer as we would gather in the lodge and watch the hockey playoffs as we would indulge in our favorite cool aid. This year we caught the lake trout, walleye, pike. Next year it is the grand slam, we are going to catch the Brookies. Russ senior will not be with us as this was his last year. He is only 94 years old. He has a lifetime of memories from fishing Canada. They will never be erased. I intend to create some new ones next year and the years to come. My wife says your getting spoiled. I said your right and I love it!! Enjoy it while you can! See you next year!!

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