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October 18, 2010 - 09:31 AM
al keizer

WOW. All i can say is what a great time we all had and boy was it due!! After a couple stressfull years of bearing an uncerain future this was the only thing a doctor couldnt subscribe!! We went to Kayedon Lake for another great moose hunt. We left later this year (third week of hunt)not certain what to expect but were lucky on the very first day of the trip. We had a big bull talking to us the first night and the next day a curious cow stepped out into the sights of our fireman friend terry dubois and say no more. Except for the black flies at this time of year we were now able to relax and find the larger walleye holes which seemed to be deeper. NOT done yet tho!!! Taylor Scarr and his son Nyall came across a large Bull and cow and calf late Friday evening. The next day was a windless, misty beautifull morining with no wind and the sun burning the mist off the water. Around 9 am we heard four shots and yeah it dropped right by the shoreline where taylor and nyall had the encounter previously!! Nice rack and boy the tenderloin was delish, again!! Terry's son Patrick, yes, slept in again!! Thanks Pat!!Service from Mac and Claudine, Jamie, Dave, Susan, Darlene and Rob was outstanding as always. The midweek check took out the first moose and brought some much needed supplies (vodka-eh nyall!!). Accommodations were A-1 and again a northern 5-star adventure in the wild canadian north. Pine marten was keeping the mice in check at the cabin, the golden eagle and bald eagles were cleaning the hides and that damned bird that ca-ca-ca-ca-ca all night is still a mystery of the north!
See you next year Mac and Claudine-good luck at C&C!!
Al Keizer, Taylor Scarr, Nyall Scarr, Terry Dubois and Pat Dubois

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